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Contact us if you are interested in buying any of the following ingredients in bulk: Indian Organic • Aloe Vera: Available as Water-Soluble Organic Extract Powder • Amla Fresh: Available as Water-Soluble Organic Extract Powder or Paste • Amla Aged Fruit: Available as Water-Soluble Organic Extract Powder or Paste • Amla Fresh and Aged Fruit:…

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Omica Organics provides natural, bioavailable health supplements and grocery items for mindful, informed consumers. We strive to preserve the nutritive value and vitality of every ingredient in our organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, low glycemic, kosher, raw, vegan/vegetarian, healthy and natural products. Many of our methodologies and formulations are entirely exclusive to our company. We are mindful…


Liquid Turmeric Emulsified Tonic (2 fl oz)


A full spectrum liquid turmeric Tonic completely emulsified (water soluble for high bioavailability) formula. Incorporates a combination of CO2-extracted organic turmeric oil “Turmerones”, organic turmeric extract wax “Curcumins” with freeze dried organic turmeric juice.
Specially formulated by incorporating synergistic ayurvedic water extracted water soluble organic herbs and oils to further enhance the therapeutic benefits of every ingredient.

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