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Liquid Stevia – 3 Pack


Omica Organics Liquid Stevia is an Organic, Zero-Calorie sweetener having an aromatic, dynamic sweetness, but without the bitterness of other stevia products

This set contains:

  • Liquid Stevia – Plain, Organic (1.85 fl oz)
  • Liquid Stevia – Vanilla, Organic (1.85 fl oz)
  • Liquid Stevia – Butterscotch Toffee, Organic (1.85 fl oz)

Stevia Extract Sweetener, Organic (1.8 oz)


Omica Organics’ Stevia Extract Powder is among the best-tasting and highest-quality stevia sweeteners available.

Our certified organic stevia leaves are the highest grade and are gently processed, resulting in a deliciously sweet and smooth-tasting zero-calorie sweetener.