Complete Shower System, Chrome 4ft (includes filter and hand-held shower system with stainless steel hose)


Save 10% when you purchase it as a set! This Complete Shower System includes:

  • Omica Shower Filter
  • Solid Brass Shower Head
  • Solid Brass Wall Mount
  • Brass shower hose with silicone inner tube (4 ft)
  • Shower head, wall mount, and shower hose come with silicone washers

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Set contains

  • 1 Omica Shower Filter, Non-Pigmented Off-White BPA-Free Housing
  • 1 Wall Connector, Brass with a Chrome Finish
  • 1 4-ft Shower Hose, Stainless Steel
  • 1 Angled Handheld Shower Head, Brass with a Chrome Finish

Wall connector, hose, and Shower Head come with silicone washers. Hose inner tube is also silicone.

Omica Organics Shower Filter

We know that whatever touches our skin can absorb into the body and that city water is loaded with many harmful additives such as chlorine and other pollutants. In fact, your skin absorbs the same amount of chlorine in one shower as drinking 8 full glasses of chlorinated water. With the Omica Shower Filter, you’re filtering the water of inorganic substances, making for a healthier you.

Omica’s integrated, cutting edge and advanced filtration system helps reduce harmful contaminants, chlorine, sulfur odor, scale. 3rd-party lab results show that the Omica Filter can reduce up to 96% of chlorine in the water.

Shower Filter Test Results Summary*:

Gallons Flow Rate Added Chlorine Remaining Chlorine % Chlorine Removed
1,000 2.46 gpm 2.40 mg/L 0.03 mg/L 99%
2,000 2.48 gpm 2.03 mg/L 0.05 mg/L 98%
3,000 2.44 gpm 1.99 mg/L 0.10 mg/L 95%
7,000 2.51 gpm 2.05 mg/L 0.18 mg/L 91%
10,000 2.51 gpm 2.11 mg/L 0.21 mg/L 90%

* Tested at a water pressure of 80-psi and temperature of 41°C (105°F)

This filter uses the oxidation reduction process known as “redox” (an electro-chemical reaction) to transfer electrons between chlorine molecules, thus converting the structure of harmful chlorine into harmless chloride ions that wash safely down the drain. Inside the filter is a unique tube which, along with our Shungite media, help with the vibrational challenges in city water.

There are no replacement cartridges needed, allowing room for up to 30% more filtration media (twice the filtration media of other shower filters). Because this filter works so well, over time there can be naturally-occurring debris clogging, causing more pressure and reducing the quality of the filtration. We suggest the filter be discarded after 6 months and replaced with a completely clean and sanitary unit each time.

Installs in minutes; simply screw into place. Standard 1/2″ pipe thread fits most shower connections in the U.S, Canada and Mexico. Installation instructions are on the back of the label, and can be previewed on the Omica Organics website.

  • Filter Removes Chlorine and Contaminants, and Helps Restore the Natural Integrity of the Water
  • Experience Softer Skin and Silkier Hair; Ideal for Color-Treated Hair. Say Goodbye to Synthetic Conditioners
  • Filter Housing is of Non-Pigmented BPA-Free Plastic and Designed to Maintain Maximum Headroom
  • The Omica Shower Filter is uniquely designed with NO cartridge to allow more room (up to 30%) for more filtering media
  • Twice the filtration media of most other shower filters
  • Flow Rate 2.0 GPM (conserves water and energy)
  • Twice the filtration media of most other shower filters
  • Water From a Shower Filter is Not Intended for Drinking


Omica’s Hand-Held Showering System

The Hand-Held Showering System is made of solid rust-free and corrosion-resistant brass components with a chrome finish for years of showering comfort.

Our system contains 3 pieces: a perfectly-angled shower head, a 4-ft flexible hose of durable interlocking construction with a silicone inner lining (no plastic or PVC), and a matching wall-mount with built-in hook to hang your Hand-Held Set when not in use. With the wall-mount, our showering system can function as a hand-held device or as a regular shower.

Brass has long lived up to its reputation as one of the best plumbing materials available, having outperformed other metals for centuries. This durable metal is highly resistant to corrosion (very important in areas where salts, minerals, and/or acids are found in the water), plus brass doesn’t rust, staying strong against these two main causes of plumbing wear and tear. Our durable solid brass pieces come with your choice of a Natural Brass or Chrome finish.

Food-grade silicone, rather than plastic or PVC, forms the inner lining of our 4 ft Stainless Steel hose. We don’t use plastic because not only does plastic affect the memory of the water, but all plastics are petroleum-based. Flexible plastics, such as hoses, are made pliable by adding chemicals such as phthalates during manufacture. These chemicals aren’t bonded but just mixed in, which allows all plastics to leach at some level.

Plastics will eventually stop leaching over time, however, the other often-used hose lining, PVC, will not, instead leaching chemicals throughout its entire lifetime. PVC is also the only common plastic that contains chlorine, listed by the US Federal government as an “extremely hazardous substance.” Vinyl chloride, the building block of PVC, is considered to be a carcinogen by the US Government National Toxicology Program.

Silicone is the safest option, which is why we use silicone to line our shower tubing, and the reason we provide silicone washers with all of our components.

  • Angled Shower Head and Wall Mount are Solid Brass (with a chrome finish), Rust-Proof and Corrosion-Resistant. Also available in solid brass.
  • Stainless Steel Hand-Held Hose is Of Durable, Flexible, Double-Lock Interlocking Construction, With A Food-Grade Silicon Inner Lining

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 5 × 11.5 in

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