Omica Organics provides natural, bioavailable health supplements and grocery items for mindful, informed consumers. We strive to preserve the nutritive value and vitality of every ingredient in our organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, low glycemic, kosher, raw, vegan/vegetarian, healthy and natural products. Many of our methodologies and formulations are entirely exclusive to our company.

We are mindful of where and how our ingredients are produced, closely monitor production methods, and recognize the impact of our business practices on the people we encounter, the lifestyles we influence, and the preservation of our planet. Because we also sell in bulk to both large manufacturers and smaller establishments such as tonic bars, Omica Organics has the volume to partner directly with the source, avoiding the inconsistency and questionable practices of the common market. Instead, we’re able to work closely with growers and processors in the US and around the world to offer the best products in ways that promote sustainability, and eco-awareness. We are passionate about paying fair wages and prices, maintaining honesty and responsibility, and promoting respect and goodwill.

We contract with local farmers, both locally and internationally, and ensure that they follow organic methodologies. We promote and buy organic, thus inspiring farmers to follow organic practices, and encouraging manufacturers to promote organic farming techniques through economic need and markets. This not only supports US growers, but helps to support an organic standard of industry in India and China. We purchase only from these organic farmers, then process without using synthetic solvents. We have partners on-site in these countries to verify adherence to strict organic standards.

We partner with villages in the high Himalayas as exclusive providers of Omica Organics shilajit extract powder and liquid resin. The best shilajit is gathered high in the mountains and only obtainable during certain seasons. Our source for shilajit extract powder is 8,000-10,000 foot elevation; our shilajit resin is found at over 12,000 feet. These villagers, experts on shilajit and Omica’s standards, have been collecting solely for our company for years. Their skill, along with our exacting processing methods, allows us to offer choice raw shilajit with the highest natural fulvic content on the market.

Our proprietary stevia is cultivated from an extensive network of family-owned stevia farms. Self-sustaining farming methods help preserve the naturally-beneficial phytochemicals of the stevia leaf, which are then picked by hand at the peak of maturity, and dried naturally using sunlight and fresh air. The support we provide helps to keep historically significant farming practices from disappearing completely.

Omica Organics is directly associated with Sophia’s Gardens, a single family-owned biodynamically-run farm in Sebastopol, California, that grows specifically for our company. Flowers and crops grown there are picked by hand and processed manually using age-old techniques that preserve the goodness of the plant. Also supported by Omica is Sophia’s Garden and Healing Arts Center, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the preservation of biodynamic farming techniques through research, archiving, and education.

We use no fillers or artificial ingredients and only non-gelatin vegetarian capsules. No synthetic preservatives are found in our products. We use organic vegetable glycerin (made fresh specifically for our use; and not sourced from industrial byproducts) along with organic, biodynamic grape alcohol to preserve our products when necessary. Omica does not, nor has ever, tested on animals.

We endeavor to uphold eco-friendly office and shipping practices. For instance, the popcorn used in our shipping packaging is a biodegradable cornstarch product that breaks down completely within 2 months. Our paperless practices preserve trees, we print on the backs of used paper whenever feasible, and we recycle everything possible including shredded documents, food and drink containers, and toner/ink cartridges.

Omica Organics is proud to offer superior products while promoting the good of our planet and we who share it.

Reach us at 800 613 6311 M-F 8-5 CST